Our Mission

Apex exists for one reason, to make life better, one App at a time. A custom mobile App has become a must-have business strategy for companies across all industries. If you are in search of a mobile App development supplier, Apex is your perfect partner.

Our Focus

We are a full-service mobile solution provider. We design, build, test and publish your App using our agile methodology. Our process brings clarity to your business objectives and maximizes the potential impact of an App on your bottom line. We create Apps that truely make a difference in end users lives!

Our Expertise

We Develop Native Apps which enable the best and most natural user experience.

  • Native iOS, Android App Development

  • Backend Database, Web Services

  • Single Page Applications

  • Social Media Integration

  • Extensive Location Based Services Expertise

About Us

Apex Apps is a wholly owned subsidiary of All Point Media Works, LLC

We help our customers create Apps that truly solve real world problems...making the world a better place, one App at a time. From Personal and K-12 Emergency Response systems, to parent initiated missing child alert systems, Apex Apps continues to lead the charge in making the world a safer place.

Apps are only as reliable as the underlying infrastructure built to support them.

Apex Apps brings nearly two decades of experience in telecommunications systems architecture for Fortune 10 Companies, as well as many years in the field of troubleshooting complex problems and identifying single points of failure. It is this unique blend of architectural and operations expertise, combined with software engineering skills, that enables Apex Apps to engineer truly robust applications that will scale to the demands of its users.

We truly love what we do, and we look forward bringing to life your big ideas! Let’s change the world together!

Our Portfolio


A Silent Alarm for iPhone / iPad

SafetyGrid is a Personal Silent Alarm for your iPhone or iPad, designed to be able to summon help in complete silence. The App can simultaneously dial an emergency number, such as 911, as well as notify friends and family of your situation via SMS Text and Email. When coupled with the GEOS Emergency Response Service, response to you can be coordinated practically anywhere in the world!

SafetyGrid is an example of our focus on creating Apps that make a difference in the world, as well as demonstrating our expertise in building advanced location aware applicationsand building the mission critical services that support them.

SafetyGrid was aquired from All Points Media Works, LLC, the parent company of Apex Apps, in 2013 by GEOS Worldwide, Ltd

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Polly's Guardiangel

Parent Initiated Missing Child App for iOS / Android

There's no such thing as a false alarm when a child is missing–even for a moment. While most alert systems can take hours, or even days, to begin, Guardian Angel puts instant power in the parents hands.

This App was developed for the Cibus Group, LLC and Klaas Kids Foundation.

The GuardiAngel App utlizes location based services to include significant change location notification. The App will notify other App users if a missing child is reported within 15 miles of their current location, or their home address, by user preference. The App will also notify a user of all missing children reported nationally, handy for search and rescue teams.

Apex Apps additionally volunteers it's technical expertise, on as-needed basis to the outstanding non-profit organization, Klaas Kids Foundation and has provided technical help for the families of missing children nationally: to include the creation of search center volunteer registration systems and robo dialers for those centers.

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School Safety Response

K-12 School Emergency Response App for iOS / Android

Our schools should be a safe haven for our children. This School Safety Response App, recently acquired by GEOS Worldwide, Ltd. is a prime example of the focus and dedication we have in solving problems that matter.

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Stimpson for Mayor

Political Campaign App for iOS / Android

This App was created to help Mayoral Candidate Sandy Stimpson in his run, and subsequent win, for Mayor of Mobile, Alabama. Congrats Sandy!

Our sole focus is building compelling mobile Applications on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. We love thrilling our customers. Developing a great mobile Application begins with great communication, followed by a dynamic design and development process. Our process provides vision and transparency for your project every step of the way.

We'd love to talk to you about your project!

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We engage in a discovery process with you, where we work to understand your goals and give our initial feedback.  This meeting will help us develop a list of the Applications functional requirements and order them into a prioritized list. This becomes the road map of what we work on and when. We provide an estimate of what your App will cost to design, and determine the best way to optimize your App to meet your budget.

After you are on board with the functional requirements of your Application, we create a much more detailed proposal document and a wire frame of your App’s basic functions. This proposal will provide parameters for our design agreement.

We follow an agile Application development methodology known as SCRUM that helps bring focus and clarity to the development process. You will see your App come to life, through each functional iteration of your application.

  • At project kick off we work with your to develop your apps functional requirements and order them into a prioritized list. This becomes the road map of what we work on and when.
  • We then split this roadmap into release plans known as sprints that fall into two-week development cycles.
  • At the end of each cycle, we provide a functional product for your own phone or tablet to try out. You see rapid progress and just as importantly, you can provide active feedback early in the product life cycle so issues can be addressed before things got too far and become exponentially more difficult to change or adapt.
  • The transparency in the process allows you to see and use the product giving you the peace of mind that your project is on track.
  • No surprises means a lower cost of development as well and improves the ability to meet the completion target dates.

Your App launch! At the conclusion of this Phase, the iPhone, and Android platform, will be completed. At this point the code and project files are delivered to you and we can assist you in getting the App into the App Store and Google Play Store.

After your mobile App has gone live, you can get user feedback and spot more opportunities for features or enhancements. If you decide to build your Application further, Apex will assist you with your future App enhancements. We will optimize your refinements into short iterations so that you can steadily roll out new sets of App features, gradually treating your users to greater App functionality.


Combining the power of Location Aware Mobile with Social Media can enable your business to attract new customers. We can show you how to integrate this powerful combination into your App.


With context aware Applications, you gain valuable insight into purchase patterns or likes and dislikes, which can be used to segment and target your communications.

Customers are 2.5 times more likely to buy when engaged on multiple channels. Context Aware Apps provide a means to engage your customers at very specific time, when the message will have the most impact. Example: As they walk through your door, approach the cash register or are standing in front of a particular product, you can provide a special offer.


A mobile App can streamline processes for your customers that make it more convenient for them to do business with you. Today's "instant-on" generation not only appreciates push button simplicity; they've come to expect it!

By focusing on solving your customers problems, you help with retention as well as increase the likelihood your customers will rave about you (via those awesome Social Media features your App will have, of course!)

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